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Green Key

Zeleni Kljuc


Zeleni Ključ is an international symbol for the environment and is the leading standard of excellence in the field
environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry.

This environmental mark signifies the commitment of companies to comply with strict requirements in certified plants
criteria set by the International Foundation for Environmental Education FEE.

The Green Key environmental mark guarantees all guests that by choosing a certified tourist
plant, directly contribute to the protection of the environment.

The Green Key program is constantly looking for new and sustainable ways of doing business and using it
technology, with the aim of reducing the consumption of resources and the amount of waste
impact on the environment and reduced operating costs in the company.

Objectives of the ecolabel:
The Green Key program aims to increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable business methods
and consequently reduce resource sharing, raise awareness and change patterns
the behavior of all stakeholders in individual tourist facilities and in the tourism industry.

In this tourist accommodation facility, we actively implement measures to reduce the impact on the environment, because:
- we encourage waste separation
– we save energy and water
- we encourage the use of environmentally friendly means of transport