Panonska vas


Support for the implementation of operations under the strategy of community-led local development - agriculture (3.JR)


DURATION: October 2021- September 2022

Total value of the project: 27,500.36 EUR

The project is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in the amount of EUR 16,210.55.

 With the operation, we want to improve the tourist attractiveness of the LAS Goričko area by connecting the tourist and

program offers into an innovative product of sustainable tourism and promote the preservation of natural,

cultural and historical heritage in the area of LAS Goričko. We will launch a new tourist

Goričko homes product. Indirectly, in this way, we will increase the number of independent units - accommodation facilities in the LAS area, increase the number of overnight stays and establish a strong partnership network for the development of support programs for tourists who will spend the night in Goričko homes.


  • Establish an innovative public-private partnership and launch a new accommodation facility within Goričko homes by 30.9.2021, where we will include two social enterprises and consequently strengthen entrepreneurial activity and knowledge of social entrepreneurship through product marketing.
  • Create a brand and present the new tourist product Goričko homes to the public by September 30, 2021.
  • Establish a new information point to help with the development of accommodation facilities and supporting animation services for tourists in the Goričko LAS area by 30 September 2022.
  • Create and market a new Goričko homes catalog - experiences in central Goričko until 30/09/2022.
  • Create and launch the first own Goričko homes reservation platform by September 30, 2021.



  – A new partnership for the establishment of the tourist product Goričko homes

  – A new information point for property owners to set up an accommodation facility

  – A new accommodation facility in Goričko included in the Goričko homes product - an abandoned Goričko house resurrected

  – New Goričko homes brand

  – New Goričko homes reservation system


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