Panonska vas

Culinary experiences

Domestic and local

For our guests, we offer a pampering of the taste buds - treat yourself to real homemade ham. We serve home-made ham with homemade sausages on a wooden board, and there is nothing better on homemade bread than zazaka or crackers. If you want to experience Prekmurje to the fullest, you can't miss the local onion. …

Culinary indulgence in a Pannonian village

As a novelty, dinners are also available to our guests in the Pannonian village. End your day in Prekmurje in the only right way - with local culinary delicacies from local farms and businesses.           

Culinary indulgence in a Pannonian village

Gostilna Marič

Guest house Oaza

Oštaria Cipot

Pizzeria Perunika

Inn Puhan

Pizzeria Nona

Inn Reich