We are the proud recipients of the EU Marjetica certificate - an eco-label for tourist accommodations. We direct all our activities towards environmentally responsible work in all areas.




Environmental policy


Environmentally friendly holidays

The tourist resort Panonska vas lies between the plains of Prekmurje, just minutes away from the largest thermal center of Moravske Toplice. On the edge of the village Tešanovci, between fields and meadows, there are ten houses built after the Prekmurje tradition. There is also a huge hayrack. The houses are covered with reed, plastered with clay, with solid oak wood that gives a feeling of homeliness and comfort. Together with our mission, we also act eco-friendly.

From the very beginning we have been committed to maintaining tradition and nature, especially the healthy environment in which we live in. We are trying to reduce the energy usage, reduce water consumption, reduce waste output and we are encouraging our employees and our guests at all times to behave in an environmentally friendly manner wherever they are.

We are committed to the following activities:

  • We are monitoring and we are meeting the requirements of applicable environmental legislation.
  • We monitor and cooperate in formulating environmental guidelines in all areas of our activities (accommodation and catering). We are introducing accepted guidelines according to our financial capabilities.


  • When selecting suppliers, the main priority is given to local suppliers with established environmental practices.
  • We strive for the rational use of all materials, energy and water.
  • Slowly but surely and within the limits of our financial capacity, we are replacing energy, materials and raw materials, with more environmentally friendly ones (with the accepted EU Marjetica certificate, Nordic Ecolabel, Eco Pure or ISO14001 certificate).


  • In our offer we include services and products that are more environmentally friendly.
  • We develop and complement our offer with environmentally friendly services.


  • We support environmentally-friendly projects in our area.
  • We encourage our guests to participate actively in the field of environmentally friendly operations (energy saving, water saving, waste separation and composting, using friendly means of transport, etc.).
  • We encourage our guests, locals and other interested parties to provide us with ideas and suggestions for an even more environmentally friendly operations of our tourist accommodation (the system of receiving and processing guest questionnaires).


  • We are raising the culture and environmental awareness of all of our employees (once a year we train our employees in the area of environmentally responsible behaviour and we give them instructions for work in accordance to the EU Eco-label).


  • We strive to use eco-friendly technologies in all new investments in equipment, within the framework of economically acceptable solutions (we will only buy household appliances with the Energy Star energy label or if they belong to the A ++ energy class).
  • We commit ourselves to include activities for the continuous improvement of environmentally related parameters in the companys development strategy and its annual plan.
  • We systematically collect and discuss guest questions, suggestions and comments.
  • Once a year we evaluate the set action plan and constantly update it.


  • We monitor our environmental impacts (waste generation, water and energy consumption, noise…).
  • We will take immediate action in case of irregularities detected.


  • The environmental policy will be made available to the public in documented paper form.
  • Once a year we will carry out education and act as an active player in the local environment in the field of environmental responsibility in the tourism sector, in order to inform our business partners at home and abroad about the implementation of environmental policy.



Information for our guests.

Help us protect the environment.

Instructions for guests to comply with the EU Marjetica certificate.


Dear guests, towels in your Pannonian villas are available for your daily use. We replace them every third day. If you would like us to replace them, we do so at your request. As we strive to prevent excessive use of energy and washing water, we invite you to help us protect the environment, so we use the towels as long as they are clean enough for future use. Once you find them too dirty for use, just let us know and we will replace them.

Change of sheets and room cleaning

We make sure you have fresh and clean sheets in the Pannonian villas. Because we try to consume as little water and cleaners as possible, we replace them at the final cleaning. If you think your sheets should be replaced, please contact us. Help us protect the environment, so please use your sheets as long as you feel they are still clean enough to feel comfortable.


Did you turn off the lights, the air conditioner and the TV?

Please turn off the lights, the TV and the air conditioners when you leave the room.

We will provide the most environment friendly light bulbs.

Help us and the environment to reduce energy waste and pollution.


We separate and recycle. This is one way to clean the environment. You can help too. We separate garbage in the next components:

  • Glass,
  • plastics,
  • biological waste,
  • paper.

You will find the waste separation instructions next to the kitchen trash can. You also have separating trash cans located near the front desk. Hazardous waste such as toners, medical waste, needles, batteries, and bulbs are collected separately. Contact reception staff for more information.


Water is extremely valuable for our existence. We strive to minimize the water consumption.

You can contribute too:

  • Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth or you shave your body (legs, face hair, etc.). 
  • When you are soaping your body in the shower turn off the hot water.
  • Don’t throw garbage in toilet, there are different trash cans for you to use. 
  • Make sure you always properly shut the water pipe.
  • Let us know if there is a leakage in the bathroom, so we can fix it.

Friendly means of transportation

In cooperation with Brzzi Transports, we have a transport system in place to encourage you to use environmentally friendly transport. You have the option for the Brzzi Transports to come and look for you at the first bus or train station and take you to the Pannonian Villas.

Nearest train station is in Murska Sobota, The closest bus station is also in Murska Sobota. We are also adding the bus timetable from Murska Sobota station to Tešanovci (where is Pannonian village located).

Contact: Brzzi Transport (need of pre-order) – info@prevozi-brzzi.si


Raising awareness of the local community towards environmentally responsible behavior

As one of the major players in the Pomurje region with an EU Marjetica certificate, we are also organizing short tutoring every year. At the tutoring we present the EU Marjetica certificate and explain the criteria for fulfilment - towards environmentally responsible behavior.

Tourist accommodations that have an ECO Marjetica, care for their environment and meet the highest quality environmental standards.

The use of ECO Marjetica standards ensures:

  • Limited usage of energy.
  • Limited usage of water.
  • Separation of waste.
  • Usage of renewable energy sources that are less polluting.
  • Raising awareness of guests and business partners, to maintain the healthy environment. 

Considering the guest suggestions

We believe that you also internalize values in the direction of protecting the environment, so we value your opinions and suggestions. Youll also find a short questionnaire in the info brochure. We kindly ask you to fill it out and submit it at the reception. The reception staff will hand over your questionnaires to the responsible staff, who will appropriately list your proposals in the action plan for the coming years.

We are aware that only together will we be able to preserve nature for our future generations.



Environmental Policy and statement of Pannonian Village d.o.o.